Love Conquer Fear

Scientists say that the sun will stop burning some day
Stop shining its light
Reflecting on our site
What a scary thought – death
To each will come its turn
Can I learn not to be afraid

Remember to reconnect
Let love conquer fear

We pass each other our fears it’s clear
Like a black fish swimming in an aquarium
We let the tension pile up like leaves in a river
Blocking the flow of the meandering water
Psychotic attacks scare me
So does death it seems as do my dreams
Then they begin to rip at the seams
And I hold on tight
Try to fight the urge to control
To take hold of every situation
Resist the temptation
I think about my fears
And live them as though they are here
But then once an idea has expanded your mind
How do you leave it behind
How do you forget it or not let it
Affect you this time

Remember to reconnect
Let love conquer fear

Afraid not to be in the spotlight anymore
To feel that door closing and another opening
But we forget that it’s a fact really
We’re afraid of the unknown
When will I pen my next great poem
When will I get my next big raise or promotion
What’s devotion but belief and faith
In that which you cannot prove
But we’re afraid to lose
Life as we know it ending
I am afraid of the end
That I may not send that letter on time
That you may not get to read it
That I may never see you again
Say a proper goodbye
It’s alright to cry as long as you wipe up the tears
And not spend the years crying

Remember to reconnect
Let love conquer fear

What’s the trend today
What good shoes will we lose
Which great pants become old news
To be replaced by the latest face we put on
A society whose priorities have gone amuck
With a lot of work and a little luck
A lot of love lusciously given to the cause
We might make living laws that rise above such senseless flaws
In each grain of sand is eternity he said to me
And I imagined Sandy Beach for miles and miles and miles
We can rise above with real love
Give it to me

Remember to reconnect
Let love conquer fear

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World traveler, former First Nation community manager, mentored by Leonard Cohen, Montreal’s Neema brings a lot of living to the stories she sets to beguiling contemporary folk music.




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