Bone to Pick with Time

the candle is melting as it brightly burns
you and i to each will come our turn
so lovely in this moment, i wish it wouldn’t change
but nothing ever stays the same

i’ve got a bone to pick with time
a bone to pick with time
‘cuz it aint mine
i keep trying to hold on

i was eleven yrs old when I realized
the day would come when each of us would die
kept trying to understand what the next step could be
what would become of us in eternity

now i look at my eyes and see their aging lines
like rings of the years gone by
we’ve a very little window to do what we must do
write a song, bare a child, fall in love with you

i got a bone to pick with time
i got a bone to pick with time
cuz it aint mine
i see that every time i try
to put a little on the side
i lose more time
trying to hold on

now the candle has almost burned away
and just a little frail light remains
soon its life will be over and it will be dark
oh burn a little longer in the shadows of my heart

la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la..
i keep trying to hold on

Neema / Neemaste Productions ©2010


World traveler, former First Nation community manager, mentored by Leonard Cohen, Montreal’s Neema brings a lot of living to the stories she sets to beguiling contemporary folk music.




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