Neema is a workshop designer and facilitator. She has developed and led many different kinds of workshops. These included working with First Nation administrators to develop the implementation plan for community governments while working with the Dogrib Treaty 11 Council. She has also given many creativity and songwriting workshops (more below), and has begun to give team-building and self-discovery workshops and retreats. If you have a workshop you would like designed and/or facilitated email:

Creativity Workshop

In 2007 Neema began giving her creativity workshops at the global youth assembly for peace and human rights in Edmonton, Alberta. Her next workshop was for groups of up to 60 people of all ages and walks of life at the Apollo Bay Music Festival in Australia in 2008. She has since given many such workshops in various settings to many different groups of people around the world. The workshops combine, movement voice and writing and are designed to lead people to their own creative experiences. it is a workshop about improvisation and a journey towards self-expression.


“Neema had the ability in an hours’ workshop to bring me and a venue full of diverse people together as a creative community of animated expressive beings. With her simple, sensitive but affective facilitation Neema helped each of us find an inner way of expression, that was not just verbal, but new and via faculties that we did not know we had within us.” Manny Spiteri – Melbourne Australia

“Participating in Neema’s workshop was a heart healing experience. Her ability to bring a group of people together and then have us all moving and singing with such harmony and joy in such a short space of time is remarkable. That touch of sunshine left us glowing all day.” Frank Jockel – Melbourne, Australia

Songwriting Workshop

Neema gives songwriting workshops to youth and people of all ages. In them she includes lessons about song structure, rhyme, rhythm, free association and more. The workshops usually culminate in the writing of a song together or individually.

In a week-long workshop given to students of the Alexis Arrowmaker School, they wrote this song at the end of it:
O Wekweeti.


World traveler, former First Nation community manager, mentored by Leonard Cohen, Montreal’s Neema brings a lot of living to the stories she sets to beguiling contemporary folk music.


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