Five-member girl group 4Minute disbanded this past June, with Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, and Sohyun leaving Cube Entertainment and HyunA remaining with the agency. While she was joining 4Minute, HyunA had also released several popular solo songs such as Ice Cream, Bubble Pop, and Red. But apparently they are expressing it in this way,” a netizen said. Hong Seung-sung (Simon Hong), the CEO and co-founder of CUBE Entertainment, loved 4Minute and saw them as his own. In 2010, HyunA started her solo career in addition to her status as a member of 4Minute. Not only that, but they also showed their dislike of HyunA. “They have been promoted for 7 years but the only person I remember is HyunA.”. This video is unavailable. 4Minute Members Profile: 4Minute Facts 4Minute (포미닛) consisted of 5 members: Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna and Sohyun. Nếu bạn nghĩ rằng các nghệ sĩ càng nổi tiếng lại càng bị dislike nhiều hơn thì … HyunA (현아) is a South Korean singer and rapper under P Nation. For the fans who like me, that’s what I can do to repay them,” she continued. I'd really like to stress that these are rumours. But, over time, some fans noticed that 4MINUTE’s music videos focused more and more on HyunA due in large part to her charisma and provocative style, which caused the group’s disbandment in 2016. Tên nhóm: 4minute (포미닛) Công ty: Cube Entertainment Ngày phát hành single đầu tiên : 15.06.2009 Debut Stage : 18.06.2009 tại Mnet M! Wah, good choice. Articles posted on PANN were pointing out the "interactions" both Sehun and Hyuna have been having. I am not saying these two are shitty, it is just that G.Na's debut song was the best but when the next song came out.. Err.. No. The Reason Why 4Minute Decided to Disband, Get To Know MYNAME’s Seyong: Profile, ‘The Unit’, Dancing Skills, and More. Actually, what is happening?”. On October 15, 2018 it was announced that she left CUBE Ent. Because of the sudden disbandment, fans speculated that the other four felt betrayed by HyunA … Netizens revealed some of the reasons behind the dissolution of 4Minute. Four members, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Jihyun, and Sohyun, have not yet made a decision on how to proceed since they decided to leave Cube Entertainment. CTRL + SPACE for auto-complete. As for Hyuna’s next solo career project, nothing has been announced, but it will most likely drop before the end of the year. Hyuna - HyunA (현아) is a South Korean soloist. “Even now I keep feeling sorry because I feel like I should be creating that kind of content but I haven’t been able to. But again, the Cube is always just promoting HyunA,” said a netizen. The chorus is smooth and sweet, but sad as it should be. On the August 16 episode of MBC Every1’s “HyunA’s X19,” viewers get a glimpse of how the singer really feels about 4Minute’s disbandment. Even HyunA is now better known as a soloist rather than a 4Minute member. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest. What really makes me feel apologetic is that while we were promoting as 4Minute, we didn’t have any kind of content that our fans would have really liked.”. She, however, is and HyunA is angry that it seems like she is talking about this for her album promotions – that she has become this type of person. I wonder why a lot of people saying that HyunA should not exist in KPOP industry! In fact I think I dislike more of their stuff than I actually like. “I think they’re just going to renew the group, but it’s all going to leave. HyunA is worried about the other members, who have not had the chance to talk about this situation and aren’t talking about it. HyunA says she doesn’t really want to say anything, but she is, and she hates herself for it. Jiyoon, a now ex-member of 4Minute, talked about 4Minute’s disbandment, “Even before we started thinking about the individual paths we wanted to take, our contracts ended and it was pretty chaotic. She was also a member of the girl group Wonder Girls, a member of the project girl group 4Tomorrow and a part of the co-ed trio Triple H. She made her solo debut in January 4, 2010 with the single 'Change'. Holy shit. The "evidence" is: They both wore similar hats. If you asked people who weren't fans of 4minute to name all the members, you'd find a lot of people only name HyunA. Although the female idol helped 4minute become more popular, in fact, the other members are also very talented. Fortunately for Gayoon, Jihyun, Jiyoon, and Sohyun, they are well known enough in the industry to find another agency to work for. Cube has also promoted this track well—even arranging for the two to kiss during their performance at the … Hyuna’s rap is soft (surprisingly) and doesn’t throw the entire song off beat, but instead carries nicely back into the bridge. It doesn’t matter if they succeed or fail. As for Hyuna’s next solo career project, nothing has been announced, but it will most likely drop before the end of the year. The Cutie-Sexy Queen HyunA! Apparently, other members of 4Minute wanted to re-sign with CUBE Entertainment, but nobody was able to help them. HyunA Profile: HyunA Facts and Ideal Type HyunA (현아) is a South Korean soloist. She seems so friendly and childish that's why I like her but is there anything wrong with her? Former 4Minute member HyunA reveals what she really feels about the group’s recent disbandment.. On the recent broadcast of HyunA’s new reality show, “HyunA’s X19,” the program showed what happened after the press conference for her comeback. Girl group 4Minute has had the chance to meet with their fans as a group for the first time in five years! Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. Honestly, it felt like we were finding out about our disbandment through the reports. While she doesn’t care what other people think, she worries that the other members will hate seeing her talk about the disbandment. no on supported 2yoon, no one really showed up to support sohyun and her solo. “I think the root of their problem is with the agency, not because of personal problems with HyunA. We weren’t thinking about disbanding and when we saw the reports of disbandment, we thought, ‘Ah, so that’s what happened,’ and calmly started tidying things up,” she said. 4Minute disbanded in June 2016. After the interview is over, HyunA looks visibly upset and drained. hyuna was always the face of the group, and so wa sohyun. Hyuna and Hyunseung make trouble for fans in their new music video. Her sexy image is built by Cube Entertainment so why blame her? An insider said, “All the members have a different future in mind, such as singers or actors. On the August 16 episode of MBC Every1’s “HyunA’s X19,” viewers get a glimpse of how the singer really feels about 4Minute’s disbandment. Sehun liked a picture of Hyuna's Valentines Day chocolates that she uploaded… The truth is that, among all the members, HyunA is the most prominent. Hyuna is a South Korean Singer-Songwriter, Rapper and Model. I’d really like to stress that these are rumours. How can I do only what I want to do? Theres this 4nia on twitter arguing with me that Hyuna is forced to put out bops that she has been putting out and should have left CUBE and create the music that she likes like Jiyoon... Yaall know Hyunas hoe anthems and she has said before she … They concluded that the breakup of the group came about because Cube Entertainment was too focused on taking care of HyunA’s solo career. Hyuna 4MINUTE – “CRAZY” FIRST LISTEN:.. What the fuck is this ugh another failed attempt at bad assery.. Wow nice Linglish.. Yes hello– LOOKS: I hate bucket hats. A representative for 4Minute explained the situation, saying “As the contract end date approaches, the members have been in discussions for renewal, but while the agency tried to persuade them to continue the group, it ended up accepting the decision by the five members that they will not continue as a group. She explains to someone off camera that she hates the word “disbandment” and that it feels like that what people are really asking her behind all those polite questions is “are you relieved now that you are promoting solo instead of as a group?” HyunA exclaims, “Of course not! There is nothing she can do about it, because it’s what this looks like to the public’s eye, and she hates herself for being that type of person. EXO’s Sehun & 4Minute’s Hyuna Dating Rumours. In fact, after Hyuna renewed her contract with Cube Entertainment and the other members decided not to, Jiyoon, Gayoon, Jihyun, and Sohyun officially un-followed Hyuna on Instagram, even though 4Minute has been known to have a very strong friendship. They’re a girl group that rarely plays into the sexy/cute dichotomy; ignoring any assumption of the two being mutually exclusive identities. HyunA eventually breaks down, crying the tears she’s been trying to hold in, and the lights are turned off. Details About Moon Hee-jun’s Wedding With Crayon Pop’s So-yul, Park Kyung-lim: Profile and Facts (Husband, Son, Movies and TV Shows), Take a Look at The Bromance Between Park Bo-gum and BTS’ V, BTS Member’s Profile (Age, Birthdays, Religion, Height and Facts). you have lack … Cube’s bias towards HyunA caused a lot of discomfort for other members and finally, this group disbanded. Oh my. She is very professional when she’s hard at work. They began trying experimental sounds, such as the saxophone-led dance cut Volume Up. Gayoon has said that HyunA is the most mischievous member in 4Minute. Let’s look at the reasons behind 4Minute’s disbandment! She debuted as a soloist on January 4, 2010, with the single “Change”, under CUBE Entertainment. I'm going to clarify this, HyunA did NOT make 4Minute. As a slow song however, I was impressed. I mean, if Beast and APink are fine, what happened to G.Na and 4Minute? The band debuted in 2009, under Cube Entertainment. An exposing report even stated that many CUBE Entertainment personnel believe the outcome for 4Minute would be a lot different if CUBE was controlled by CEO Hong and not iHQ. Stage Name: HyunA […] Weeks have been 4minute gayoon dating horror stories of online dating exciting. HyunA renewed her contract, and some of them are talking about renewing as well, but some will leave the label.”. In 2006, Hyuna made her debut with the Wonder Girls at age 14, a girl group managed by JYP Entertainment, as the group's main rapper. Cube Entertainment confirmed that 4Minute disbanded on June 15, 2016 and that it has only renewed the contract with HyunA so far, while the other members are still in discussions for renewal. 4Minute Fandom Name: 4NIA (4 Minute Mania) 4Minute Fan Color: Pearl Purple 4Minute Official Accounts: Official Website: Facebook: 4minute.unitedcube Twitter: … Despite my dislike of “Hate” overall, I still very much support what 4Minute is doing. Starting with these promotions I’m planning on continuing to release music. Honestly, it felt like we were finding out about our disbandment … She explains that the members who have all worked toward the same dream for seven years have decided to now head toward their individual dreams and support each other. She is my bias but I do not know why she is hated by many. and they themselves also contribute to the hit songs of the group. There have been many rumors as to the reason for the dissolution of 4Minute, and why only Hyuna renewed her contract with Cube Entertainment while the other members decided not to renew theirs. The way I see it is, HyunA was the most popular member of the group. it was not hyuna's fault. She is, of course, asked about 4Minute and its disbandment, and HyunA first says she is upset by the way people talk as if 4Minute didn’t exist. She became popular for being former member of the popular girl group “Wonder Girls” join in February 2007.She also joined girl group “4Minute”, under Cube Entertainment, which is one of the most popular girl group in South Kora.Find Below South Korean Singer Hyuna Profile, Age, Wiki, Biography, Height, Weight, Life Facts & more. It’s not something I can decide by myself and it upsets me that those types of things gets consumed so easily.”. When asked how she felt towards her fans during that time, Jeon Jiyoon commented, “I felt so bad because it happened so suddenly and there were no talks of disbandment. Hates this already.. OOOOOH HELLO THERE. Sohyun is probably the one who is the best well off, as she is part of the fixed cast of My Pet Laboratory on skyTV. 0. Watch Queue Queue They are good, dancing, singing, talented but I don't see a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of fame. As you may know, 4Minute had a seven-year career in the Korean music industry, but with the end of 4Minute’s contract with Cube Entertainment on June 15, 2016 they decided to break up. They also added quirky electro-pop in What’s Your Name?, Is It Poppin’?, and Whatcha Doin’ Today?, before gaining an even more confident and powerful image with the aggressive bangers Crazy and Hate that marked their last singles released as a group. “HyunA’s imagery is too strong for this group,” another netizen replied. We provide you with the latest Korean news. They also dislike it when a lady dresses up in a certain way but not another, they also dislike it when a lady styles her hair in a certain way but not another, they also dislike it when a lady succeeds them and is smarter. Just have to say that BEAST and 4minute are two of my favorite Kpop groups, and in them, Hyuna and Hyunseung are my favorite members, so I was pretty excited that they collaborated together. The video takes us back to July 29, 2016 when HyunA had a press conference for her comeback. Full Profile of BLACKPINK Members (Age, Waist Size, Roles, Height, and... Before and After Blackpink Member’s Plastic Surgery. Another netizen asked, “Heol, there are four other members who are still following each other. Nhạc Việt Nhạc Châu Á Nhạc Âu Mỹ ... 30 nhóm nhạc, nghệ sĩ Kpop có tỷ lệ like/dislike MV trung bình thấp nhất: Đứng đầu là một cái tên không thể ngờ đến! it was around July and i was on youtube and i found this MV for a song called “Bubble Pop By HyunA” i watched it and was like wow this is a great Japanese artist not knowing she was Korean. I find her really dorky and cute during offcam. Due to the different opinion of the members, for all intents and purposes, the group will disband.”. Oh. She has a great voice and the song is like that? When asked what the members said after the disbandment was decided, HyunA is cautious, saying she can only speak for herself and no one else. of course, i understand, everyone can have their own opinion but here's a little fact: 4minute disbanded not because of hyuna, but because of the lack of support from their fans. at that time i didn’t knows what Kpop was. Article: Source: Sports Chosun via Naver 1. [+8,210, -24] She looks like Pocahontas ã…‹ã…‹ã…‹3. There are rumours going around of Sehun and Hyuna dating. She exclaims as she dabs her tears, “I told you I didn’t want to do the interview.”. Jiyoon, a now ex-member of 4Minute, talked about 4Minute’s disbandment, “Even before we started thinking about the individual paths we wanted to take, our contracts ended and it was pretty chaotic. HyunA: Dislike: Back in 2011 i was big into Japanese music i still am but not as much as Kpop. Gayoon and Jihyun are looking into acting careers, while Jiyoon wants to continue singing and also producing. get it straight honey i will fucking rant all night if i have to. OVERALL: I’m not much of a 4Minute stan. Channel-Korea is your Korean news, entertainment, music & fashion website. It was announced by the agency that the group would disband following their contract expiration with only HyunA renewing her contract with the management agency. [+10,197, -208] When will Truedy?2. I hate bucket hats with a passion but I love this video enough to overlook it and I can say the girls look decent with them. #hyuna #4minute #gidle. And 4Minute. 16-ago-2016 - Adèle G. descrubrió este Pin. Countdown Tên fanclub chín HyunA as the Center of 4MINUTE; HyunA’s Controversial Solo Debut Triple H members find it scary how HyunA can be so different when she’s working, apart from her usual self. On January 25th, 2019 HyunA joined PSY’s new label, P NATION. 4Minute made themselves. After months of consideration, they decided that it would be hard to maintain the team. Nghệ sĩ HyunA (4Minute) Gửi tin nhanh. “They should know un-following HyunA will be a controversy. They should not do it this way,” regretted another netizen. While most people don't know 4Minute, a lot who do don't even know HyunA was in it. Kim HyunA’s Full Profile; HyunA’s Career: Pre-debut, 4MINUTE, Solo, Sub-units. She was a member of the girl group 4minute, and its sub-group Trouble Maker. This is what makes fans feel Cube Entertainment is more affectionate towards HyunA than thinking about the fate of 4Minute as a group. Did you like the song? They debuted with their electronic-hip-hop album Hot Issue in June of 2009. Cube felt like 4Minute was going nowhere and that they had no hope in the other members. Hyuna left Wonder Girls in July, when she was removed by her paren There are rumours going around of Sehun and Hyuna dating.
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